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Remember summertime family barbecues and trips to the beach? Road trips spent listening to the radio, singing along with your grandma. Laughing when your granddad made a cheesy joke by the pool. Or maybe you’re still living those memories now. This summer, Caring Across Generations is on a mission to celebrate the moments, memories, and love we share across generations.

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Welcome to ThrowbackSummer.

From music to fashion, we’re offering opportunities all summer long to discover and explore our shared passions. From ThrowbackYearbook, our online contest asking people to share old photos of their grandparents revealing reveal untold or cherished stories – to a Throwback Thursday Concert in New York City leading up to intergenerational jam sessions across the country on Grandparents Day – we’re highlighting the common bonds that make us strong.

ThrowbackSummer is presented by Caring Across Generations and our partners. Check out the awesome partners who helped make ThrowbackSummer possible!

Why ThrowbackSummer?

We are living in in a unique cultural moment. Where a 70-year-old grandfather’s vinyl album now sits in the treasured collection of his 17-year-old soon-to-be rockstar grandson. Or a 25-year-old trendsetting fashionista shows off her grandmother’s Sweet 16 dress as her wedding gown on Twitter. And on #ThrowbackThursday, a former U.S. secretary of state posts a selfie taken over 60 years ago that goes viral. It’s a new world, where even as technology catapults us into the future, our appreciation for days gone by keeps us connected to our past.

Caring Across Generations is tapping into this moment, and harnessing the power of social action, social media, and storytelling to spark connections across generations and to strengthen family and caregiving relationships. Our ultimate goal is to build a national movement to transform the way we care in this country. And that includes caring for our elders.

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