A Life That Made Me Better

Posted on Aug 24 by Cen'Cere Cooks
about Betty E. Porter a.k.a Grams

I have often been quoted as saying, “I can imagine living without my parents, but not Grandmother.” My Grandmother- Betty E. Porter is AMAZING. She was born in Frederick, OK in 1941, a time when separate was deemed equal and women were considered less. As a child, she picked cotton, shucked peas, and picked fruit. Despite these seemingly meager beginnings- she was determined to be somebody, and that determination was her motivation.
My Grams married, moved to California, and began her pursuit of excellence. What began as a simple telephone operator job ended with a career in corporate America and a retirement as a Vice President of a Fortune 500 company.

But that’s not what makes her awesome. I’m addition to raising her own 3 children, she willingly mothered my 3 siblings and myself. She gave us a love we couldn’t have asked for and pushed is into greatness. As a high school teacher in an inner city school- I am often quoting her inspirational sayings to my students, who find it hilarious by the way.

5 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was an unexpected journey, yet she remained strong. She became a warrior. She endured a double mastectomy with grace and class. She began to spread cancer awareness amongst her friends, family, and church members. She even got a part time job with the Susan G. Komen foundation and faithfully participates in run/walks through out Los Angeles and Orange County.

Now at the tender age of 73, I say tender because she looks AMAZING, she still remains a young soul. She’s computer savvy— follow her on Facebook, spunky, and filled with love. In plain and simple terms— SHE’S THE BEST. The best Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Aunt, and Inspiration.