Always dapper

Posted on Aug 04 by Claudia Navas
about Leopoldo Vargas a.k.a Papa Polo

There he is, in the middle (a very appropriate place to be since he was usually the center of attention), my grandfather. Surrounded by his one of his daughters, his second wife, and four of his FIFTEEN grandchildren, including myself gazing out to the beach. You may not be able to tell from this photo, but he was always well-dressed and well-groomed with his shiny, thick head of silver hair combed back, matching the gleam of his shiny shoes. His favorite movie was Casablanca, loving the American romantic dramas of the 1940s with their debonair star actors. Cocktail in hand, an effortless grandeur, and not a mustache hair out of place, he was always looking dapper, my grandfather.