Baby Smoocher Thrilled to be a Grandma at Long Last

Posted on Aug 20 by Suzanne Wall
about Carol Carter Wall a.k.a Grandma Carol

I’m nominating my Mom, Carol Carter Wall, for grandma ahead-of-her-time. Here she is with my Dad about 10 years ago, with her 1st “grandboy” and looking very delighted. Baby-kissing politicians have nothing on my mom, she is a total baby smooch-mooch. She scans every room she enters looking for babies she can dandle. She’ll also go up to parents in public and tell them to “put a hat on that child” or offer to hold fussy infants during long grocery check-outs. The thing that makes this even more endearing is her long career was around family planning. Carol worked for Planned Parenthood and international reproductive health organizations from 1969 until she retired in 2011ish. With decades of having safe sex drilled into our heads, my siblings and I don’t know why she was surprised it took us so long to get her grandkids!
Carol traveled to many countries to help women access basic health care, and she brought wisdom and organizing techniques back home to the US. Often on the frontlines facing people who were opposed to choice, she stuck to her principles of believing that every child should be a wanted child –but didn’t dismiss the humanity of opponents. Her church marches with a banner that reads “Standing on the Side of Love” and she holds up that banner for LGBTQ families, immigrants and refugees, and all of God’s children.
We were all lucky she was employed by organizations who cherished families, because when my grandmother was in the last stages of Alzheimer’s and suffered a broken hip, Carol was able to take time off and care for her mother at the end of her life. Now almost 80, she wants to live at home as long as possible, and the only long-term care setting she would consider would have to be multigenerational so she can get her baby fix! Thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for making my mom a very happy Grandma twice over. Now I’m going to organize for Aunt & Uncle Day!