Celebrate life every day

Posted on Aug 21 by Sarah Maddix
about Sylvia Maddix

My grandmother threw some rocking parties. From her backyard birthday bashes to her Christmas Eve open houses, Sylvia Maddix knew how to celebrate and she never missed an opportunity to do so.

She grew up in Rockport, Massachusetts, where her family owned a tea and waffle house, The Gull’s Perch, on Bearskin Neck. Of course she met my grandfather at a party – the Art Association Dance – where they (probably) bonded over their shared love of festivities. They were happily married for over 50 years and had four children and twelve grandchildren. My grandparents traveled the world together, taking us with them whenever they could and bringing back trinkets and photographs when they couldn’t.

What people remember most about my Grammy, besides her blue eyes and love of the ocean, was how much she enjoyed being with her family and friends, and how special she made everyone feel. For every birthday, holiday and accomplishment, there was a celebration. And it didn’t stop there – even “regular” days were lively at the Maddix household, where people gathered for her daily happy hours.

Besides teaching her family that there’s always something to celebrate, she instilled in each of us a sense of adventure, an appreciation of the small things, and of course the ability to throw an awesome party!