Fashionista Grandma

Posted on Jul 19 by Sarah Kaiser
about Marilyn

If there’s anyone who deserves best dressed, it is my grandma Marilyn. Now this woman knows how to dress. My friend Austin was actually the first one to make me realize how fashionable she is.

When I was in grade school, I was part of a charity league and we had to do service hours and some of those hours could be done at the Independent living Inn she lived in. My friend Austin came up to me at one of our meetings and said she’d never seen someone dress as well as my grandma. I then thought to myself… “Wow, she is absolutely right”.

She is positively the best-dressed person I know. I then proceeded to look back at old photos of her and was marveled at how classy and beautiful she looked every time she went anywhere, whether the grocery store or a movie. It all makes sense now why my mother feels the need to put on makeup and wear non-athletic clothes to the grocery store while I look disheveled… she learned to always look her best from her mother.

My grandmother is now 91 years old and living in an assisted living facility. She has Alzheimer’s. She can’t remember my grandfather, the love of her life who died from ALS about 13 years ago, and she has a hard time even placing who I am anymore. But boy, do I love visiting her with my dog (whom she absolutely adores and remembers every time) and catching site of whatever outfit she has on for the day.

Her closets have been locked up because the nurse’s said she kept changing her outfit up to 4 times in the morning because she wanted it to be just perfect. From vibrant sweaters to beautiful shoes, she is the queen of fashion.