Grama Kate, a creative artist with flair

Posted on Aug 21 by Jill Wolter
about Catherine Callan a.k.a Grama Kate

I loved spending the night at my Grama Kate’s house because she usually had a creative project in the works. She decided to learn how to paint so she took painting classes, then set up her own studio with an easel and paint palette – the works! I was in awe of her talent and the beautiful paint collection she had. Another creative talent of hers was remaking old jewelry into amazing works of art: brooches, necklaces and bracelets that were big, bright and often gaudy (in a good way!) She wore brightly-colored scarves along with her brooches and always had an amazing outfit to enhance her creations. Other projects included pastels, chalks and fabric, there seemed to be something new to see every time we went to visit. She would pore through artistic magazines and home decorations books, which sparked her creative spirit even more. My mother was also very creative and crafty, and their talents were passed down to me and my sisters. I thank my Grama Kate for her legacy of love and art, her smile and laugh were infectious as she embraced life with vigor.