Grandma outshines them all

Posted on Aug 23 by Jeannette Harkin
about Dolores Nutt a.k.a Gram Nutt

My grandma is such a wonderful lady. She has so much class and style and always looks her best. She has an eye for detail and when it comes to her wardrobe and fashion sense she is still on top of her game. Grandma loves to shop and it’s so much fun to go shopping with her. She loves the sales and specials and is always looking for a bargain. Grandma has helped all of her grand children with clothing tips and styles and she loved buying little dresses for me when I was little, I still have a few of them. Whether grandma is hanging around the house or out to dinner with friends she always is dressed for success and looking fabulous. Thank you grandma for all you do and for being such a wonderful example to your family!