Great GREAT Grandmother Extraordinaire-ignore the nose-picker!

Posted on Aug 06 by Jessi Gillespie
about Ruth Vietor a.k.a Grandma Ruth

My maternal grandmother, widely known as “Grandma Ruth”, is one of the most interesting, inspiring and selfless people I know! She raised five daughters, largely on her own, by working nights at a bank and decorating wedding cakes. That was before I knew her, however. By the time I came around, 13th of what would become 16 grandchildren (and then 16 great grandchildren and even one GREAT great grand-daughter!) she was retired and living in a log cabin that she’d helped to build in the wilderness of Wisconsin. Although she kept busy, Grandma Ruth always had time for her grandchildren. I spent many nights with her at her cabin, sometimes by myself, sometimes with cousins. She let us line foam mattresses up on her tall staircase and slide into a pile of pillows at the bottom, and she would bravely climb down the hill through the woods with us so that we could swim in the creek. She never tired – or never let on to tiring – of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Parent Trap, The Sound of Music or Anne of Green Gables.
Now Grandma Ruth lives in a mother-in-law addition at my parents house, only 15 minutes from where I currently live with my husband and three children. That’s them, in the picture with her, at a family party. We’re a classy bunch! My husband and I adopted our three kids in 2009, and Grandma Ruth wasted no time in ushering them into her ever-growing brood of great grandbabies. My kiddos, who had been living in foster care for two years with a foster “grandma”, took to Grandma Ruth instantly, and can often be found playing rummy with her, or watching her wild birds, who I swear followed her from Wisconsin, she’s THAT good. Although retired from cake decorating, my grandma is still an avid baker, and any trip to see her is preceded by “I wonder if Grandma Ruth will have any pie today? It’s sooooo good!”
There’s no way to portray in a short essay just how important Grandma Ruth has been in my life. The amazing part is that she gives the same of herself to ALL of her children and grandchildren – and great, and great GREAT grandchildren! Although it’s been many years since she’s had a paying job, Grandma Ruth takes her current duties very seriously, and is without a doubt one of the kindest, most loving and dedicated grandparents around! Winning this contest would be an honor for her, but we already know she’s one of a kind.