Harold Perrineau: My grandmother, the domestic worker

Posted on Jul 23 by Harold Perrineau
about Grandma

My grandmother made quite an impression on me in my early life. I guess she really taught me the importance of living a full-spectrum life.

Looking back, I learned early on the value of hard work and dedication, which she modeled as a domestic worker, and I also learned to enjoy thrilling new experiences, when I experienced the wonder of flying with her at a young age.

I miss those days, but I try to continually bring those values to my daughters today.

Harold Perrineau, Jr. is an American actor, musician and a songwriter, renowned for his roles of Michael Dawson in the cult television series “Lost,” Link in the Matrix film saga and video games, the unforgettable narrator Augustus Hill in the television series “Oz”, a character of such impact on popular culture that Harold was asked to make an appearance as Augustus on Saturday Night Live. Harold’s various and versatile roles, as well as his unique portrayal of the characters he brings to both the screen and the stage have earned him critical praise and an enviable audience following.