Jordin Sparks: Amazing Wisdom

Posted on Aug 21 by Jordin Sparks
about Gwen a.k.a Nona

My Nona Gwen is absolutely amazing. This is my dad’s mom and she has been amazingly supportive of me. She’s always been there whenever I’ve needed her.

The thing that gets me the most is that she’s always been able to deliver little tidbits of really powerful advice when I’m least expecting it. I’ll be standing near her after a concert, and she’ll quietly tell me “Baby girl, you’ve done so good,” and then she’ll lay this amazing wisdom on me and say “Just make sure that you’re happy, that you live your life for you, and that you’re kind to everyone. Make sure you stay happy so Nona can stay happy.”

This always blows me away. She helps to ground me. And I also hope that someday I have her ability to share little bits of powerful wisdom with others. I love her so much.