Jordin Sparks: They help me fly

Posted on Aug 21 by Jordin Sparks
about Nana and Papa

My nana and papa have been so supportive of me since I was little. My nana is one of the main reasons I am doing what I’m doing now. When I was younger, she used to take me to sing in church, to every competition, and even when those competitions turned national, she would take me there.

We have some great memories together. She always used to make me laugh, and we have these amazing inside jokes. She also introduced me to Martina McBride, which is one of my favorite country artists. I used to sing her song, Broken Wing, all the time. I sang that song while on American Idol, and it was huge turning point for me.

My grandpa comes in the picture because it’s one of his favorite songs for me to sing to him. He wants me to sing it everywhere, no matter where I am. He always times me at the end when I’m holding the long note. And I just remember, singing the song, before Idol, before anything, whether I was singing at a competition or just at someone’s house, Papa would always stand there with his watch, in the back of the room, to make sure I held the note.

I absolutely adore my grandparents, they are basically a second set of parents to me, they helped raise me, they have helped me through a lot of tough times.