Kathleen Robertson: My Poppa could always make me laugh

Posted on Jul 22 by Kathleen Robinson
about William a.k.a Poppa

My grandfather, or “Poppa” as we called him, was William Robertson. He was funny, and valued humor. He always could make me laugh. And in turn, I tried to make him laugh.

That was our dynamic. I named my son after him. And now, all these years later, my son and I have developed the same familiar dynamic. It’s all about laughter.

Every Christmas we would ask everyone in the family on tape, “What are you hoping Santa will bring you this year?” And every Christmas, Poppa would answer, “Chanel No. 5.”

I still think about him, all the time. And I’m so grateful I got to be taught about laughter, by my Poppa.

Kathleen Robertson is a Canadian writer, actress and producer. She launched her career in her native Toronto as Tina Edison in the George Lucas-produced “Maniac Mansion” and is well-known for her role as Clarie Arnold in the Fox teen drama series “Beverly Hills, 90210″. Robertson also stars in a number of films, and is currently starring as homicide detective Hildy Mulligan in the TNT series “Murder in the First.” She’s simultaneously enjoying an arc on A&E’s acclaimed “Bates Motel”, and just wrapped feature film “Vatican Tapes.”