Lord Snow is king of the roost and a joy

Posted on Aug 13 by Peter Flierl
about Peter Flierl a.k.a Lord John Snow

Actually, I am the grandparent and Lord John Snow, Lord Snow to his friends and family, is our grand-kitten. He lives in L.A. with his “parents,” Alie and Pete. He began life with them when he picked them out at a local shelter. Very cute, indeed precious and precocious. He loves to play whether chasing a red light from a pointer around the room and up the wall or playing cat and mouse with a ball of tin foil or paper. He also enjoys relaxing, whether draped over a chair or the top of the refrigerator, sometimes in it. He also enjoys “reading” their computer with Pete. Both share the view. You would swear Lord Snow is truly taking it all in. He is a joy to all of us!