My BestFriend even till the end!

Posted on Aug 25 by Ja'King Howell
about Marlyin Howell a.k.a Gma

The reason I believe my Grandmother should win this contest is because; she is the closest women to my heart; my best friend even when the end come and she always has my back no matter what it is; and she is the life of the party no matter where the party is at! She is always there for me when I need her the most; even if it’s about me needing someone to talk to about my problems or anything that I wan’t to talk about. She just there for me period. I would like her to win this contest because it would mean a lot to me and her because it would make me feel like i’m giving back to her for taking me in her home when I didn’t have no where to go; if I was hungry or just needed to wash my butt lols or just to put a smile on my face. She was there for me. I know it would make her more happy then happy feet if she won the contest; because we both never really won anything growing up either. So that’s why I think she should be nominated.