My grandma: 60+ years of leaning all the way in.

Posted on Aug 18 by Andrea Mercado
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Today women in the media talk about what it would look like to have it all; to balance the needs of family and work, and self, or whether it’s even possible. They should talk to my grandma, because she’s been doing it her whole life. My grandma was widowed at 21 with two children under 2 years old. She made the courageous decision to leave her children in Argentina, and come to the United States, to work as a nanny and support her family. She later remarried, brought my mom and uncle to New York, raised four children and worked over 25 years at PanAm Airlines. During that time she traveled the world, found time to make art, and cultivate lifelong friendships. Today my grandma is 82, she lives on her own, she has a busy social life, still works part time, paints, and does yoga. She keeps our family connected, phoning across the United States and Argentina, you can count on her to remember your birthday, and now she uses email and facebook too. She has always been there for me, and she demonstrates her love in a thousand ways, cooking, creating, always showing up for the family. Most recently, she knit a matching sweater and skirt for my daughter and her baby doll. Oh yeah, and did I mention that her politics are on point– in the voting booth, but more importantly in our daily lives, she will stand up against bigotry, and support inter-racial marriage, and grandchildren coming out, and women’s rights all day everyday. I’m so fortunate to have her example and wisdom to guide me.