My Grandmom Thorpe :)

Posted on Aug 03 by Aaron Ritenour
about Grandmom Thorpe

My grand mom Thorpe was ahead of her time because when most woman wasn’t working outside the home My grand mom was! She sewed clothes and made dresses for everyone for a fair price! She later went to work for the Post office and was the Post master! My great-grandmother Nina Thorpe was married at 15 years old to my great-grandfather Snowden Thorpe. By the time she was 22 years old she had, had 3 girls. During the Great Depression when they were stating out as a young family, they lived with his parents so they had three generations in the household.
Times were very hard for all of them, as most rural families did back then they raised their own food either by growing it or as livestock. Everyone helped with the chores, and the farm work. But my great-grandmother was an excellent seamstress and also took in sewing to make extra money for the family. She taught herself how to re-upholster furniture and also made slipcovers, formal drapes and quilts.
As long as my mother and grandmother can remember my great- grandmother has worked at least two jobs in addition to her home chores. My grandmother remembers her mother working for Sears Catalog Company in the little town of Warrenton, VA for several years.
Because my great-grandmother was married so young and never finished school, she decided that she wanted to get her G.E.D. so she studied for it took it and passed. Once that was done she studied for the postal exam and took that was hired by the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE and worked at the post office in The Plains, VA. For years she was a postal clerk who sorted the mail and put it in the post office boxes, took and mailed your packages. Eventually she worked herself up to the position of POST MASTER / MISTRESS of The Plains post office. A position she held until her retirement. My grand mom did so much before her time and never cared what others thought about her or her family! She did everything most men would do at that time and more!