My Grandmother Winsome Warrior

Posted on Aug 31 by Georgiana Dowdie
about Winsome Pamela Waite a.k.a Grandmother Winsome

My grandmother is truly one of the most amazing unique person who ever grace the earth. I learn so much from her. I am so lucky, bless, and grateful to be her granddaughter. I miss her so so so much , she was truly an inspiration, her name Winsome means charming; inspiring trust and attractive. My grandmother was a warrior thought all her ups and downs she always had an tenacious spirit. My grandmother is Winsome warrior because she is always thriving and fighting for his her own rights and beliefs. She isn’t willing to settle for good but trying for the best out of life. My grandmother is someone willing to make the best out of every situation. Not afraid to speak their minds one-hundred percent of the time. She always you must rise above all circumstances along life’s bump road. My grandma demonstrates bravery, brilliant, boldness and beauty and so much more. She is willing to go that extra marvelous mile..She believes that failure is never an option, but just another step closer to fulfilling a greater purpose in the world. One of the most important lesson she taught me was in the bible Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” She will always forever in in my heart ,mind and soul. I always love you now and forever until we meet again you are the best. . Happy Grandparents Day; to my wonderful grandmother Winsome.