My Granny Honey’s a Go Getter at 86. I aspire to be bark off the old tree!

Posted on Jul 18 by Arlitra "AJ" Jordan
about Katie Jordan a.k.a Granny Honey

My grandmother, Katie Jordan “Granny Honey” as she is lovingly called, is my Hero. She is the most courageous and inspiring person I know. Granny Honey’s life story has been one of determination and perseverance. Her favorite saying, “Take eyes off self, and help somebody.” She has spent a lifetime doing just that and inspiring others to join her in that quest.

My grandmother was the first in a lot of areas on her journey in seeking justice for all people. She was a first African American Woman Fitter- Tailor on the floor at her place of work back in the mid 60s. She was a first African American woman to hold that ‘top paying’ position in a company known for its shameful discrimination.

Inspired by her courage, her co-workers elected her as their union shop steward, the first African American shop steward in her work place, and later the first African American woman elected secretary, vice president & president of her union local. In the photo above, she’s at her first union convention, sitting second from the left.

My grandmother retired from her job as a professional Fitter-Tailor nineteen years ago, but didn’t retire from her fight for the dignity of all people. She is a ‘Go Getter’– she goes after the things she believes in. She participates in the Women’s Summer schools as an instructor and women are inspired to become leaders and run for positions in their particular unions and inspire other women. She has a real dedication to her union, Workers United/SEIU.

My ‘Granny Honey’ is awesome. She is generous and is always there to support our family. She is fun loving and loves life. She is sharp and witty. I think my grandma must have been a Diva back in the day, because she is a fashion fanatic and a smart dresser.
I am proud of my grandma and I aspire to be bark off the old tree.

My name is Arlitra ‘A.J.’ Jordan, her youngest granddaughter of 9 grandchildren, and she has 16 great grandchildren!