The Costume Lady

Posted on Aug 07 by Sara Fitouri
about Betty Hegler a.k.a Gramma Betty

While my grandfather was serving in the military during WWII my grandmother attended a university for a year to study home economics. Her sewing skills quickly came in handy years later when she had 5 kids who all needed Halloween costumes. She would hand sew all her kids costumes every year. Out of this, Betty’s Costumes was born. Betty created a small business that is still in its original building in Pueblo, CO. My whole life she has worked at her store renting costumes and sewing custom orders. She would make everything from wacky political themed costume party outfits to matching leotards for pueblo ice skating and dance teams. She was able to take a skill that she learned and make a fun and successful business out of it. She also passed on her skills to her kids. My mother taught me how to use a sewing machine when I was young just as Gramma had taught her. The skill has become inter-generational and something that binds us all together. My grandfather Fred, Betty’s lifelong partner passed away less than a year ago. In that past year Gramma has shown me a new type of strength. She has coped with true finesse and come through more passionate and eager to live a full life. She makes me proud to be one of the strong women that make up the 3 living generations in our family.