The Showstopper

Posted on Aug 27 by Brigitte Meehan
about Irma Costner a.k.a Grandma Irma

My Grandmother was an amazing woman that could always bring a smile to your face. She was a lover and a fighter who overcame many obstacles in her life. She struggled with complete deafness from childhood, battled lymphoma as a young woman and had to fight emphysema, Alzheimer’s and breast cancer in her older age. So much more than one person should ever have to see in a lifetime.

Even while dealing with all of these struggles, she was always put together from head to toe. She was never short on dates, even though a disability may have been considered taboo and an obstacle for male callers at the time. Even as a Great-Grandmother, she had such a sense of style that people would approach her and compliment her accessories. Accessories that my daughter, her great granddaughter cherishes and have lasted the test of time.

Beyond the way she presented herself, she taught us so much more than how to say “I love you” in sign language. She taught us how to truly laugh with a whole heart. It was difficult to chose a category to put her in for this contest because she was ahead of her time, always the best dressed, the life of the party, incredibly inspirational and very talented. However, I ended up choosing best dressed because it was always the first thing you’d notice about her.